These versatile exercises will help students of any level master their German grammar skills!


The document contains 28 comprehensive worksheets (60 pages) with German grammar exercises covering the following major GCSE topics:


  • Präsens der regulären und irregulären Verben,
  • Modalverben,
  • Präteritum und Perfekt ,
  • Plusquamperfekt,
  • Futur I und Futur II,
  • die indirekte Rede,
  • Partizip I,
  • Partizip II,
  • trennbare und untrennbare Verben,
  • Passiv,
  • Rektion,
  • Gerundiv,
  • würde-Form,
  • Konjunktiv,
  • Imperativ.


All worksheets are ordered by the level of difficulty (click on the bookmark icon to easily navigate the worksheets) :


  • A for beginner level,
  • B for intermediate level
  • C for advanced level

German Verb Exercises

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